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I am a freelance programmer that has provided computer consulting and contract programming services in both Arizona and California for over 25 years. The positions have been fast-paced, challenging and broad in scope and have required strong technical and strategic planning capability.

I have profitably applied skills in analyzing and implementing business strategies in project development, resource allocation and leadership to achieve superior results. This has been rewarded with multiple opportunities and a reputation for solving problems under tight deadlines.

Some results achieved to date include:

  • Created a Java MIDlet for a Nokia cellphone which receives readings via Bluetooth from a glucose meter and forwards them to a web server. The system was featured on the front page of the business section of the Arizona Republic on October 5, 2006.
  • Developed software in C++ for a Glucose Tracking System that uses near-infrared (NIR) diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to non-invasively measure blood glucose levels. It runs embedded Linux on an ARM XScale microprocessor.
  • Developed a contact management/customer relationship system web site for real estate professionals using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. Each real estate agent can in turn manage their own web sites. Currently over 1000 unique web sites are being hosted by the system.
  • Developed various versions of the RapidReader program for Windows, Palm, and Symbian platforms. RapidReader is the only viable scroll-free method of reading large amounts of text on a small screen. Click here to download a free demo of RapidReader for Windows and Palm.
  • Originally joined a Sony team as one of 12 contractors working with 13 employees and was the only contractor retained following completion of the U.S. DirecTv project.  I then lead six programmers in the DirecTv/Galaxy Latin America project; and was retained as a consultant to DirecTv after its contract with Sony ended.

Click here to see my full resume, which lists many more projects that I have worked on.

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